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Honda Odyssey: Miracle on Wheels

I was one of those people who despised minivans. I disliked the way they looked — rectangular sardine cans on wheels. I disliked the way families would stream out of them like they were a clown car. I disliked the women who got out of them, with their short Mom …

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Bedroom Lighting

Do you ever wonder why some people’s homes seem cozy and inviting no matter what? Sometimes you can walk into a home, and even though the decor is nothing special and the furniture is standard bargain basement fare, the rooms give off an aura of warmth and cordiality that makes …

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Essential Emergency Kit Items for the Car

I never really thought about what I had in my car. I’ve always been preoccupied with what I brought for the kids — sippy cups, snacks, diapers, change of clothes, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, stuffed animals, and toys. This year, however, I started thinking about other stuff. The day before …

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Gadgets You Can Use

As women, we are often pigeon-holed into absurd double standards — just because we’re interested in our beauty, what we cook in the kitchen, and where our kids go to school, doesn’t mean our intellect is limited and inflexible. If we enhance our bodies, rely on make-up and fashion to …

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Unique Hostess Gifts

When I’m invited to a party, anxiety emerges. I’m frantic for a week before it, and it’s not because I’m worried about what to wear — I never know what to bring for hostess gifts. For years, I’ve brought boring wines and bouquets of flowers. Everyone drinks the wine and …

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Stand Up to Your Mechanic

As a woman, I’ve had my fair share of smirks from mechanics who take one look at me and assume I know zilch about the inner workings of a car. Thankfully, my dad was the kind of man who wouldn’t even let me drive a car until I knew how …

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