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Watches That Won’t Break Your Budget, Really!

A watch, like any piece of jewelry, can enhance your look and can say
a lot about you and your style. Unfortunately, watches like Blancpain’s
1735 watch, said to be $1,000,000 by Forbes,
are so over-the-top expensive that the common person cannot even dream
of affording them. I thought I had misread the price of the Blancpain
watch. One million dollars? Are they crazy? So this is a limited,
handmade piece, but a million dollars?! Watch prices have escalated in
recent years. $20,000 watches populate high-end jewelry stores like they
were candy — expensive candy that’s too rich for my blood. I look at a
watch that’s $500 and start rolling my eyes. I could use that $500
towards the mortgage payment.


But watches do exist which don’t force you to take out a second
mortgage on your house or sacrifice your child’s college tuition.

One of my favorite places to shop is Forever 21.
I can go in there with $100 and buy an entire outfit with accessories
and look like I just came off the runway. They offer a great selection
of watches that are ultra trendy and very inexpensive. Here are four
timepieces under $20!

When you need a watch that is simple and understated, put on Forever 21′s Riviera Mod Watch. Made from faux leather and polished gold tone hardware, this watch goes well with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Available at Forever 21, $12.80

The Orbed Mod Watch
is cool and modern and sure to flatter any dress on those nights out on
the town. This watch tells people you have a confident fashion sense
and you’ll be admired. Available at Forever 21, $10.80.

If you’re feeling whimsical and having one of those Alice in Wonderland days, slip on this watch ring. The large numbers will certainly alert you of the time so you won’t be late for that very important date. Available at Forever 21, $7.80.

Sometimes you just have to go all out and flash some bling. The faux
croc band and glittering rhinestones will make people do a double-take.
The Wild Numbers watch will certainly fulfill the outrageous factor in both design and in price. Available at Forever 21, $12.80.
When you can spend a little more, here are two watches under $100.

For fun-filled play days, look at the Color The Sky watch from Swatch.
These happy colors remind me of crayons and middle school when wearing
two Swatch watches were all the rage. A casual, plastic watch, it’s a
bargain. Find your inner child. Available at Nordstrom, $55.

The Casio Baby-G Atomic Solar Watch
is light and sporty. You can check the time in 48 cities and dunk your
hands in a bathtub full of water. Inspector Gadget would be jealous. For
any woman always on the go. Available at Macy’s for $99.

Take that Blancpain! I definitely need a new watch…

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