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Product Review | Camelbak Better Bottle

I’m always searching for products that are eco-friendly and safe for
my family to use. When we were trying to figure out a re-usable water
bottle for our daughter to use, I purchased several good candidates,
including a re-usable bottle from Camelbak.

Camelbak Better Bottle

I bought the Better Bottle, .75-liter, which can carry quite a lot of
liquid. The Better Bottle comes in two other sizes: .5-liter and
1.0-liter. Unfortunately, the .75-liter bottle is too tall to fit under
our water dispenser in the refrigerator. The bottle tapers slightly
towards the top and because of its wide circumference, the bottle is
easy to hold, even for the kids’ little hands. Even if the valve is open
and the bottle is on its side, water will not spill out of it.

The Better Bottle sports a cool mechanism known as the Big Bite
Valve. You don’t have to a do a thing except open the valve, bite, and
sip your water (or whatever drink you put in your bottle) casually. It
sounds odd, but the concept is very cool and once you try it, it seems
very natural.

The Camelbak bottles are the first clear plastic bottles made from
BPA-free plastic and contain no Phthalates — the bottle does not leach
any harmful chemicals into your beverage, especially if the bottle comes
in contact with the sun. BPA and Phthalates can be harmful and have
been linked to birth defects in boys and future risk of breast cancer
for girls. These are some nasty chemicals that have no business coming
in contact with your body.

The Better Bottle uses a straw system. Of course, I’ve had some
problems with it. When you fold the spout down and open it again after
an hour, the liquid comes bubbling out. It’s like a weird vacuum
creation which is irritating when your son is trying to drink some water
out of it in the back of the car and the water spurts out onto his
clean dry clothes. I’ve also carried the Camelbak in my purse with the
spout closed and when I open the spout, the water flows everywhere and
gets my purse and its contents wet. Not cool. I have no idea if this has
anything to do with the straw part that cracked, but I’ll be ordering a
replacement to see if that will fix the problem.

As a re-usable bottle, The Camelbak Better Bottle is extremely
functional, easy to carry, and affordable. If the problem with the water
overflowing out of the valve is fixed, then this is a pretty great buy.
I just wish the bottle would insulate my drink better, and as I just
saw on the Camelbak website, I can buy an insulated bottle sleeve for
$10. Sold!

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