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New Products Make It Easy To Do It Yourself

Why do women become do-it-yourselfers, tackling jobs around the house
that are usually thought of as men’s work? The Kimberly-Clark
Professional Do-It-Yourself Business wanted to find out the answer to
that question, so it commissioned Opinion Research Corporation to
conduct a survey of 1,037 women on its behalf. After analyzing the
results, the pollsters come up with the following five reasons:

  • Saving money
  • Getting a sense of personal pride and satisfaction
  • Being able to do things your own way
  • Not having to wait for someone else to do the work
  • Not being dependent on a man to get the job done

If you’re one of these women who aren’t afraid to get your hands
dirty, you’ll be excited to know that there are some important new
products on the market that can make your home improvement projects go a
lot faster:


  • Jig-A-Patch: This kit will help you cut the time it takes to repair
    cracked walls and prepare them for painting. The spray can contains
    sprayable spackle, and the cap works as a putty knife. The kit also
    includes a 3M sanding pad. You simply spray a small amount of spackle on
    the area to be repaired and wait two minutes. Then, using the cap/putty
    knife, you spread the spackle evenly. Allow two hours for drying, and
    then sand with the sanding pad until the finish is smooth.
    Jig-A-Patch has a suggested retail price of $5.99, and you can find it
    at Home Depot.

Tough Tape

  • Tough Tape: This tape measure has an extra-wide blade with a newly
    developed coating that the company claims will last longer than standard
    tape coatings. Measurement markings are printed on both sides of the
    tape, and the 9-1/2’ standout capability makes it easier to measure
    longer distances. The inclusion of two earth magnets into the end of the
    blade allows Tough Tape to adhere to steel studs and other metal
    surfaces.The tape measure’s case is rubberized, and has ergonomic thumb
    and finger grips to absorb shock. Tough Tape has a suggested retail
    price of $12.97 for the 16’, $15.97 for the 25’ and $24.97 for the 40’.
    It is also available at Home Depot.

Mighty Putty

  • Mighty Putty: This item you may have already seen on television
    being hawked by the ubiquitous super-salesman Billy Mays. Mighty Putty
    is a very powerful epoxy that can be molded into any shape, and applied
    to nonporous surfaces to create a bond that will last. The company says
    it can fix metal, glass, wood, wallboard, ceramics, and concrete. A
    six-pack of the epoxy is available on the company’s web site, www.mightyputty.com, for $19.99 plus shipping.

Mighty Mendit

  • Mighty Mendit: Another product Mr. Mays sells on TV, this bonding
    agent is designed to repair rips in all types of fabric, including
    curtains and furniture upholstery. It dries clear, is safe for most
    fabrics, and is machine washable. The product can be ordered on the
    company’s web site, www.mightymendit.com. The cost for three bottles is $19.99 plus shipping.

Safety Quick Light

  • Safety Quick Light: This product is designed to help consumers
    change light fixtures and ceiling fans without having to bring in an
    electrician. There are two main parts to the system: the female
    receptacle is installed into the outlet box, and the male plug attaches
    to the light fixture/ceiling fan. In addition to selling Retro-fit kits
    to convert existing fixtures and fans, the company has been working with
    lighting manufacturers to have the system pre-installed. The kits are
    available at most national home improvement stores, and prices vary
    by type of kit.

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