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How Turmeric Changed My Life

When I was seventeen, I suffered a relatively minor sports injury
that affected my right hip joint. The injury itself healed fairly
quickly, but because of the nature of it, I was left with a hip that had
all the symptoms of chronic arthritic inflammation — stiffness,
intermittent soreness, and sensitivity to changes in the weather. I
went to various doctors and specialists to see what could be done. A
few tried different kinds of physical therapy, some prescribed
medication that made me cloudy-headed or sleepy, and others just told me
to get more rest and not aggravate the condition by using the joint so
much. None of these things really helped, and in fact over time the
periods of pain became more frequent and more intense.

It didn’t make any sense to me that nothing could be done, because
this had not been a major injury by any stretch of the imagination (I
tripped while running and pulled some connective tissue, which healed on
its own). But when the doctors finally started telling me that the
only other option would be to have surgery, that’s when I really thought
things were getting crazy. I decided to live with my chronic hip
issues, and do whatever I could to manage the symptoms when they flared
up. This went on for many years, and although I got pretty adept at
pain control, I never quite got back to the same level of strength and
mobility as I had in my other hip. I was limited by what the pain would
allow me to do, and I coped with that as well as I could.

It wasn’t until I got a second injury, this time a pulled ligament in
my thumb, that I started getting serious about researching pain
prevention. I had also opted not to have surgery on my hand, because my
hands are very important to my daily activities, and I didn’t want to
risk nerve damage. So I ended up with pretty much the same problems in
my hand as I had in my leg: inflammation, weakness, pain. I started to
look into ways to handle the situation, ways that didn’t involve drastic

After a couple of weeks digging through medical and sports web sites,
I ran across a forum where people were talking about their coping
methods, and one girl said something that intrigued me: “I don’t have to
cope with pain, I just eat turmeric everyday and it keeps my joints
from getting inflamed.” I had never heard of this before, but several
people responded that they did the same thing, with unanimously good

How Turmeric Changed My Life

I looked around a bit further and found evidence that this is more than just an old wives’ tale. There are growing numbers of medical studies
that suggest turmeric is useful for more than just spicing food. Aside
from having powerful anti-inflammatory agents, turmeric is currently
being researched as a partial treatment for ailments as varied as
diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cystic fibrosis. I couldn’t believe that I
had never heard about any of this before, or indeed that none of the
doctors I’d seen for my pain had mentioned it to me as a possible

I went to the health food store and bought a big bag of turmeric
powder, which cost me less than a dollar. I wasn’t particularly
convinced of anything at first, but since I like the taste of turmeric
anyway, I thought it wouldn’t kill me to start mixing a spoonful of it
the pan in while cooking lunch or dinner. There wasn’t any kind of
dramatic change in my old injuries at first, but gradually during the
week I started to notice a more general ease of movement, an agility and
flexibility I hadn’t experienced since high school. My joints felt
more fluid, and didn’t creak and pop so much. As time went on, the pain
and soreness in my thumb and hip faded, and eventually disappeared
altogether. These days, the only time I feel any problems at all in
those joints is during periods of extreme humidity or cold, and those
are things I can certainly live with. I’m shocked and amazed that
something so simple and natural has had such a profound effect on me,
but needless to say, I’m happy I discovered it.

I share my personal experience with turmeric so that others with
joint inflammation might also benefit.

However, each person reacts
differently to natural remedies, so it is important to consult with your
doctor before engaging in self-treatment, especially if you have any
concerns about allergies or adverse reactions.

Turmeric has been like a
miracle solution for me, and a tasty one at that. I hope that any of
you out there with chronic joint pain find that it also works for you,
because there’s nothing as exciting as getting back physical abilities
you thought you’d never have again.

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