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Easy Halloween Dinner Party Menu

You love the idea of having a Halloween party, but the menu can be
scarier than the creepy decorations and monster movies. Reel back from
your fear by creating an easy black and orange themed menu. Full
instructions are below.

Easy Halloween Dinner Party Menu

Beverages: Colored Fruit Drinks

  • Orange Fruit Drink
  • Purple Fruit Drink
  • Red Fruit Drink

First you need to find orange, purple, and red fruit drink mixes.
Obviously what comes to mind are Kool-Aid packets. Mix together a
container of orange fruit drink. For the other, mix the purple and red
together to create a nearly black coloring. The display of these colored
beverages is most visually effective if placed in two clear punch bowls
or two clear pitchers. This illustrates the black and orange contrast.

Appetizer: Nachos

  • Black Tortilla Chips (Often labeled Blue Corn)
  • Velveeta
  • Milk
  • Red Food Coloring

It’s simple to make black and orange Halloween nachos for your guests
to enjoy. Cut the Velveeta cheese into chunks and place in a bowl. Add a
little milk and place in the microwave. Stir every 30 seconds. Keep
heating and stirring until the cheese is melted. Then add in a few drops
of red food coloring to achieve a more orange color, rather than the
initial yellow hue. Place the black tortilla chips on a tray or in a
bowl near the bowl of cheese. Another option are small cups which you
can pour the cheese into, allowing each guest to have their own personal
cheese dip.

Entrée: Spaghetti

  • Black Spaghetti Noodles
  • Jar of White Sauce (Alfredo)
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Yellow Food Coloring

Black spaghetti noodles can be found at stores with specialty pastas.
This is easier than you think, as most Target grocery stores carry this
type of spaghetti noodle, as do many local grocery markets. Simply cook
the pasta according the instructions in order to prepare it for dinner
(which is as simple as boil and drain). Save yourself the hassle of
making a sauce and simply buy a jar of alfredo sauce. Warm it on the
stove in a saucepan or heat it in the microwave in a bowl. Once warm,
add in a few drops of red and yellow food coloring, regularly stirring,
until the white cream sauce turns an orange color. It’s that easy to
have a black and orange dinner.

Dessert: Cupcakes

  • Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Orange Frosting

Use a boxed chocolate cake mix and prepare as the instructions
direct. When it comes time to bake the batter, you can either grease the
muffin tins or use cupcake liners. If you grease the muffin tins, the
cupcakes will just slide out and the finished product will be an orange
and black effect as the chocolate cake will be exposed on the bottom and
covered in orange frosting on top (though be prepared to offer your
guests plates and forks to eat these little cakes). With the other
option, you can use either black cupcake liners or cute Halloween
printed ones. Either way you decide, your finished cupcakes will keep
with the theme so choose what is easiest for you.

After the cupcakes have cooled you need to frost them. If you cannot
find orange frosting, buy white frosting and add a few drops at a time
of red and yellow food coloring, stirring thoroughly, until the frosting
turns orange. Simply frost the cup cakes and you have a completed and
appetizingly adorable dessert. Add orange and black sprinkles for that
extra special touch.

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