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Music Your Kids Can Listen To

My kids have grown up with a variety of music. They love my husband’s
collection of classic rock, oldies, and rock songs that usually play
when we’re all in the car or lounging by the pool. They also love my odd
offering of adult contemporary, rap, and R&B songs (or at least
they pretend to). We often crank up the volume to an especially good
song and dance like silly kites moving in the wind.
But the music the kids really enjoy are the songs that cater more towards their age.

1.The Laurie Berkner Band – Rocketship Run


The first time I saw the Laurie Berkner Band, I was watching
something on the Nickelodeon channel and found myself stomping on the
rug to a song called “I’m Gonna Catch You”. The kids love this band’s
music — it’s fun, silly, and with most being less than 2 1/2 minutes,
your kids will be able to learn the catchy songs quickly. With only an
acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards, this band will get your kids off
the sofa and dancing.

2.Barenaked Ladies

Snack Time


The BnL score big with their first children’s album. Just like their
pop hits, these new songs are full of lyrical stories like “The
Humongous Tree” and “My Big Sister”. It’s hard for us to get through
singing “I Can Sing” without the kids falling to the ground in laughter.
I’ve asked them what’s so funny and they usually just shrug their
shoulders and tell me the music is just crazy.

3.Marlo Thomas and Friends — Free to Be You and Me


This album takes me back to my childhood. I remember watching this
movie in pre-school and loving the music. I watched the DVD recently and
was excited to watch it with my kids. Free to be You and Me is
about accepting people for who they are, despite gender stereotypes
that children learn at a very young age. Some special singers on the
album are actor Alan Alda, actor/director Mel Brooks, football great
Rosy Grier, and actor/singer Harry Belafonte.

4.The Backyardigans


I was amazed at the dancing and music when I first watched The
Backyardigans a few years ago. The characters are cute and bubbly and
the music is effortless and always coincides to the journey The
Backyardigans are on. There is some children’s music that I cannot
listen to — that’s untrue of this album. The music makes the kids (and
me) want to dance and sing at the top of our lungs. Be careful — these
songs are addictive and you’ll have find yourself singing one of these
tunes while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks. The music is innocent
and sweet and will be played in your home for years to come.

We like to get some tambourines and anything we can use as drums and
play along with the music.Whatever music you listen to with your kids,
make it fun and something they will remember.
All albums available at Amazon.com and other retailers.

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