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Gift Ideas for Men

Every year when I was growing up my dad received the same gifts for
Christmas and his birthday: ties, dress shirts, sweaters, socks, and
underwear. My mom and I were guilty of giving these atrocious gifts, but
other family and friends were co-conspirators. Sure, it’s the thought
that counts, but you would think we would have been able to come up with
different gift ideas every year.

As I’ve discovered with my own husband, buying a gift for a man is
just as difficult as buying a gift for a woman. It’s easy to shrug your
shoulders and just buy the first thing that you see when you walk into
the department store. C’mon, does your husband need another three dozen
golf tees? Does he even golf?

If you’re looking for a gift that’s out of the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place.

Cirque du Soleil Tickets

Cirque du Soleil Tickets

If you haven’t seen a Cirque du Soleil show yet, you are in for one
heck of a surprise. The sets are elaborate, to say the least. For the
show Varekai, a colorful and lively forest seduces you. Harmonious blends of greens,
golds, and red filter the stage and taunt your eyes.
Costumes are ingenious unions of accents and fabrics that mold to each cast member’s
body like second skin. The cast members are, to say the least,
impressive. Contortionists flex their nimble bodies in ways that will
shock you. Aerialists and gymnasts abound while flipping and rotating.
The music is a complex and emotional extension of the show’s theme.

This isn’t the ballet or the opera. This is artistry and athleticism at its best.
For more information, visit Cirque du Soleil.



Watches are an ideal gift for any man. Choose a classic, conservative
watch style for an understated look. For the man that likes attention,
choose a watch that is out of the ordinary, something that is
ostentatious in design or size. Whatever watch you choose, a watch can
be a simple or grand gesture of love.



An expensive or quirky libation can be a conversation centerpiece or a
truly unique drinking experience. A limited edition bottle can be
inexpensive. Absolut has two special edition vodkas for the cities of Los Angeles and New
Orleans, respectively. Absolut Los Angeles is subtle blend of acai,
acerala, blueberry, and pomegranate. Absolut New Orleans is an ethereal
blend of mango and black pepper. Absolut will donate 100% of the
proceeds to a handful of Gulf Region charities.

If you’re looking to spend a little more and your gift recipient has a
flare for the dramatic, look for aged or vintage cognac, tequila,
vodka, and whiskey. Hennesy Cognac Paradis can fetch as much $630. If
you’re looking for a beautifully bottled liquor, look for Don Julio Real
Tequila — aged for years and made from 100% blue agave, Diva Vodka is
filtered through crushed diamonds and the bottles are custom made with a
variety of gemstones inside. The amount and kind of gemstones depends
on the amount you want to spend. You can spend upwards of a million

Sporting Events Tickets

Sporting Events Tickets

What guy doesn’t like sports, the constant struggle between team
against, man against man, man against himself? If you want to really
impress someone, look into getting seats that are close to the action or
even a luxury suite. You can get seats that are directly behind home
plate or close to your favorite basketball team’s bench. If you’re going
to go for the ultimate sporting experience, you can rent a luxury
suite. These suites can easily cost you $2000 and more to rent per game
or over $100,000 a year to lease. You’re guaranteed to receive VIP
treatment in these suites. Most luxury suites include VIP parking, meals
that are exquisitely catered, a service staff that will take care of
you and your guests, and enjoyment your favorite game from the best
seats in the house.

Whether you choose baseball, football, basketball,
soccer, or even drag racing, your guy will enjoy a a few hours of the
competitive spirit triumph.

Forget the neckties, socks, and hideous winter sweaters with
snowflakes on it. Surprise him with an unexpected gift. Isn’t he worth

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