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Book Series Review | The Tucker Mills Trilogy

In a style reminiscent of Janette Oke, Lori Wick gives her readers an
easy, yet spiritually deep read in the Tucker Mills Trilogy. The
series, based on a small town in the mid-1800′s, surrounds the lives of
individuals and families that are easy for the reader to relate to. Each
book carries its own set of events and circumstances surrounding
different people, and yet, with skillful intertwining, Ms. Wick draws
all the characters introduced in the first book into the entire series.

Moonlight on the Millpond, the first book in the series,
focuses on the story of a young man and a young woman, each drawn to
Tucker Mills because of unforeseen circumstances with their respective

Moonlight on the Millpond

While in town to take care of the matters surrounding their
families, their own lives become surprisingly connected to each other.Ms. Wick includes more than love and romance into this first book.
Writing with a realistic sense of those whose lives are controlled by
other family members, she speaks to any readers who have dealt, or are
currently dealing, with this very issue in their own lives. Writing from
both the perspective of the controller as well as the person being
controlled, the author is able to see the driving force and resulting
effects through the eyes of both.

This first novel also realistically portrays the restless fear that
drives those who do not yet have a relationship with their Heavenly
Father and their search that can only end once they bow their knee and
make Him Lord.

Conversely, this book also portrays beautifully the calm assurance
that a child of God can have, even in the face of illness and death; a
quietness that is so apparent to the observers in the the person’s life
that they wonder about it and long for it themselves. Reading this, even
in a fictional setting, causes the reader to pray that they, too, are
able to live lives that cause others to long for the peace that can only
come from a personal relationship with God.

Ms. Wick continues the series with book two, Just Above a Whisper.
Once again, with her wisdom and ability to combine real situations with
her fictional characters, Ms. Wick touches on hearts that have been
deeply wounded by the sinful actions of others. As a result, these
wounded hearts are unable to accept and believe that they are loved.

Just Above a Whisper

However, Ms. Wick not only touches on the reality of heart wounds and
their results, she also weaves into her story the powerful truth of how
true love can bring about healing. She portrays, in the lives of her
characters, how love can bring about a new trust in the heart that
seemed, at one time, to never be able to receive love.

Bringing the characters from books one and two along with her into
book three, Ms. Wick brings them all together, bound by a common
purpose, in Leave a Candle Burning.

Leave a Candle Burning.

Of the three books in the series, this one spoke the most to my
heart. Not only does Ms. Wick give us yet another story of love and
romance, she also writes into her storyline the very real-life issues of
fear and control. Her characters speak of the fear of losing those they
love and not being able to shield them from pain. As the book
progresses, lessons emerge about ultimate trust in a Sovereign God who
loves family members more than we ever can. The reader is not only
entertained with a good story line but is spiritually challenged and
refreshed as well.

I am not usually a fan of Lori Wick’s writing, quite frankly, but
decided to read this series when my sister-in-law offered to lend it to
me. Although I find her style of writing a bit more dramatic than I care
for, and full of more love and romance themes than I am used to reading
in my regular genre, I found this particular series delightful. I
appreciated the fact that I came away from each of the books carrying
spiritual truths that I needed reminding of in my own personal life.

It is a rare thing when a writer can write with both fictional
ability as well as spiritual insight, but Ms. Wick has done it well in
the Tucker Mills Trilogy.

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