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Apartment Decorating: Non-Permanent Ways to Make It Home

Apartment Decorating

Apartments generally have white walls, white blinds, beige carpet, and
neutral toned cabinets. This makes for a stark, sterile, and bland
environment. It won’t feel like home until you make your mark on it. But
wait — it’s an apartment, and you have to leave it in the same
condition you found it. That sure makes it tricky to leave your mark to
personalize your place. Here are some non-permanent ways to make your
apartment reflect your style.



The fastest way to make a dramatic change to an apartment
is by adding curtains. Most apartments require that you leave the
standard blinds in place, but there’s no reason you can’t install drapes
atop of them. Since all it takes is a drapery rod to hang curtains, the
installation is as simple as a few screws in the wall. These holes can
easily be patched up when you move out with a little drywall compound.

If you do not want to use screws, you can adhere the drapery rod
brackets to the wall with some 3M strips. They come with a hook, but you
can use those strips on most anything (though keep in mind the 5 pound
weight limit per strip). Simply remove the plastic covering, adhere to
the bracket, and then adhere to the wall. Be sure to leave the tab
exposed, because when it’s time to move you need to pull the tab slowly
to release the strip from the wall without damage. There are also
generic versions of these adhesive strips available at dollar stores.



Personalizing your walls is easily accomplished by hanging
artwork. You can hang posters using thumbtacks; each leaves a tiny and
often undetectable hole. Framed artwork can often be hung with just one
small nail. Let’s not forget, those 3M strips can be used on framed
artwork as well.



Most apartments come unfurnished. Your furniture can say a
lot about you as well as create valuable functioning areas within your
home. Besides, tables, desks, shelves, etc. do not require any
apartment-damaging installation. So if your apartment needs livening up,
add in a piece of functional or decorative furniture.

Slip Covers

4.Slip Covers

Often when living in an apartment, the occupant is on a
budget. They will buy cheap furniture that meets their functional needs
without concern for the aesthetic appeal. A simple solution is to buy or
make slipcovers.This will provide the opportunity to get mismatched
furniture to actually look a like. It also makes worn-out furniture look
new again. Even just throwing a sheet over the furniture and then
tucking it into the corners will do wonders as a makeshift slipcover.


5. Mirros

A practical addition to an apartment is a full length mirror
in the bedroom or bathroom; it makes the room look larger and brighter.
However, the screws to install the mirror can be highly damaging to an
apartment door. There are over-the-door hanging mirrors available at
many department stores. Simply screw the hanging hardware to the mirror,
then hang over the door.

Another option is to adhere the mirror to a
door or wall using those multifunctional 3M strips. Be sure to use at
least 4 to support the weight of the mirror and to keep it secure on the

Table cloth


Apartments often lack color. A quick and affordable way
to add a splash of color is to buy a new tablecloth for the kitchen
table. Plus, you can change it out as often as you want to renew the
visual appeal of your apartment.

Throw Pillows

7.Throw Pillows

You may have a neutral looking couch, but you can
spice it up with colorful throw pillows. Not only will you be adding a
fun accent to your sitting area, but also cushy support.

Throw Rugs

8.Throw Rugs

You may be stuck with boring beige carpet or laminate
flooring, but you don’t have to be limited to it. A throw rug allows you
to change the look of your floor without changing the floor. Plus, a
throw rug will protect the apartment carpeting, which may help to
protect your security deposit from being used to replace the carpet when
you move.

As you can see, there are so many ways to easily turn your plain
apartment into your home. It doesn’t even take much money, just some
creativity, a little effort, and plenty of personality. And to think,
when you move on to a house you’ll be able to take all of it with you,
since these are non-permanent solutions!

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