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How to Find the Perfect Jeans

Every woman should have that favorite pair of jeans — the pair that
hugs her curves and makes her look fabulous for any occasion.
Unfortunately, jean shopping can often be a nightmare.

If you’re tired of dressing room tirades, keep reading to find out how you can nab the perfect jeans every time you shop.

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Boyfriend Jean
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Colours Jeans
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High Waisted Jeans
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Skinny Jeans

1. Size

Before you even head to the stores, you should know your numbers — it’ll make finding the perfect jeans that much easier.

In order to assess your true size, grab a tape measure (or have a
professional fitting done; many department stores offer this service if
you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself). For a true size estimate, have a
friend help you out.

You’ll want to measure your hips first; to do so, place a tape
measure around the widest part of your hips, right between your waist
and the tops of your thighs. You’ll also need to measure your inseam,
which is from the crotch area down. These are important numbers you need
to have before you can find jeans that accurately fit.

Get your measurements beforehand so you don’t waste time trying on
jeans that are obviously not going to cut it. Once you know your
numbers, you’re ready to try a few on.

2. Fit

Grab at least 5 pairs of jeans you like and head to the dressing room
— it’s time to evaluate how they fit! Look for jeans that fit snugly
from your waist to your knees. Are there any gaps? Do you look like a
plumber when you bend down (can you bend down?) You want your jeans to
gently hug your curves, but you don’t want to be squeezing out of them!

Sit in them, walk around in them and get a feel for how the jeans fit
you. This will be your first clue that you’ve found a great pair of
jeans. If you can’t perform normal movements comfortably, those aren’t
the jeans for you! Great fitting jeans will feel like a second skin and
look fantastic, too.

If you’re still unsure, the critical eye of a non-biased friend or relative can help you assess which jeans fit the best.

3. Body Type

Know your body type! Certain jean styles may look wonderful on an
hourglass figure, but could look less-than-flattering on a
straight-up-and-down kind of gal.

ILoveJeans has an excellent quiz
to help you determine your body shape and find the perfect pair of
jeans. The quiz even offers brand recommendations to help you track down
some denim.

Believe it or not, your body type has a lot to do with how good you
look in the jeans you buy. The website referenced above can help you
determine which jean styles are best for you. As a general rule, stay
away from low-waist jeans (very few people can wear this style).

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of jeans every time you need a few new pairs!

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