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How to Achieve the Perfect Smoky Eye

How to Achieve the Perfect Smoky Eye

While the smoky eye trend may look difficult to pull off, it’s
deceptively simple with the proper tools and knowledge. The following
step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to achieve the perfect smoky eye in minutes!

Step 1

Before applying eyeshadow, it’s a good idea to prep the eyelid. In doing so, you’ll avoid getting those ugly eyeshadow creases that form when the makeup has melted halfway through your evening. If you don’t already have eyeshadow primer, try Garden Botanika Shadow Primer or, my personal favorite, Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base.

Step 2

If you’re going for the typical black/gray smoky eye, grab a dark
eyeliner pencil and apply liner from the inner corner of your eye to the
outer corner of the eyelid. For bottom lids, dot liner between lower
lashes and blend everything with an eyeliner brush or Q-Tip. Proper
blending throughout the process is key to pulling off the perfect smoky

Step 3

In order to pull off the smoky eye look, you need to pair a dark
shade with a lighter, shimmery base shade. Pick a lighter eyeshadow hue
and blend the color from your eyelids to your brow bone.

Step 4

Now it’s time for the darker color! Start by blending the darker
shade from your lash line and working upwards for a sultry, smoky
effect. While blending, take care to stop the darker shade from passing
your eyelid crease.

Step 5

Once you’ve determined both eyes look smoky and fab, dab on two coats of rich black mascara (I love Benefit’s BADGal Lash Mascara) for the finishing touch. Voila! You’ve just achieved the perfect smoky eye in a matter of minutes.

Now, you can rock the look at your next evening get-together or for a night on the town. Just remember, when wearing the smoky eye look you should keep the rest of your makeup light and neutral to keep the focus on your eyes and to avoid looking too overdone.

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